Design Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to doing something different with your home or general spaces that you use on a daily basis, there are a lot of different ideas you can pull from.  For many people the desire to make a change or do something different burns within them for a while.  To help alleviate this, they may take on a quick and simple project.


One item that people will look at first when doing a change is tile.  Depending on the size of the area, the colors and pattern options, many people may use traditional tile, or they will go with vinyl tile which is just as nice but easier to install and maintain.

When we use a tile look, we can really create an area that is fun and unique.  Depending on the color and the pattern of the tile, you can make a space look much higher in quality than if you were to use paint or other materials.

Point of interest

vinyl tile

The first step is to have a point or section of interest.  This is where you will build your entire room or section around. This can be a specific feature, view or color.  There are no right or wrong things to think about or consider when working on your point of interest.  Just understand that it will be the main area that stands out when you are done.

Lighting and lighting tricks

The lighting that you use and how you play with light will change the look and feel of the room.  If you have a room that is too dark, then you will have a heavy and uneasy feeling.  If the room is too light it may be washed out or difficult to focus.  The idea is to play with light and create a space that is relaxing and functional.