How to Brighten Your Home in Time for the Summer Sunshine

There’s something bright and fun about summer. The days are longer, the sun seems to be shining more, and you can finally brighten your home naturally. Adding brightness and space with sunroom additions in Pleasanton CA is the logical solution, but until then, here’s how to brighten your home and take advantage of the summer sunshine.

Make it a Habit to Open Your Windows in the Mornings

The fresh air will do your body good! There’s nothing like a summertime breeze blowing through your home with sunshine in the air. Pull back the curtains, throw open the windows, and let a little brightness into your home. Make it a routine to open the windows in the mornings and shut them again in the evenings.

Toss Heavy Blankets and Overstuffed Pillows

Remember those fluffy blankets you wrapped up with in winter? Tuck them away in the back of your closet. Same with the overstuffed pillows that were the perfect resting place when the weather dipped to 40 degrees.

Replace these with lighter blankets, like a colorful tapestry, and smaller throw pillows in your favorite summertime colors.

Bring Outside Inside

Houseplants bring more oxygen indoors, so strategically placed ferns or hanging basket flowers can help you bring a little summertime inside. The extra sunshine will help the plants thrive. This will brighten up your space by making your home feel closer to the warmth and beauty of nature.

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Side tip: Bring a little garden indoors for your herbs. Pick a spot on a sunny windowsill and grow your own basil, parsley, oregano, and rosemary. It’ll spice up your cooking as much as it brightens up your home with natural summertime d├ęcor.

You don’t have to forever be outdoors to enjoy the warmth and brightness of summertime. By using a few tips to brighten your home, you can bring a bit of sunshine indoors for summer.